Taking advantage of the summertime, we proudly launch a new promotion with a progressive discount that will be applied to all orders made through our website. The discount will be applied on the total of the purchase and will be additional to the individual discounts on each product, allowing you to get the best emoji products at a unique price. A promotion for which we have wanted to create the fairest discount for our customers, a progressive discount that increases when the total of your order does it too. The higher the total of your purchase, the higher the final discount you will receive.

This is the relation of discounts depending on the total of your purchasing order:

  • 5% on all orders under 10€
  • 10% on all orders from 10€ to 20€
  • 15% on all orders from 20€ to 35€
  • 20% on all orders from 35€ to 50€
  • 25% on all orders over 50€

Surprised? Well that's not all. We reduce for this promotion the Free Shipping on all orders over 50€ (considering the discounts applied) in all the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Czech Republic and Austria.

All discounts are applied directly with no need of vouchers or anything else. Just add now the products you wish and you can check all the discounts in your shopping cart. You may have to register indicating your country to apply the free shipping of this sublime promotion.

Summertime and the emoji is easy!

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